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“The Citizen Agenda,” August 2011. (c) 2011, 2012, Peter J. Hansen.
(I submitted this to several magazines, but none accepted it. The agenda I propose doesn’t seem to fit anybody’s editorial stance. Largely for this reason, I think this is actually a more important piece than the ones I’ve published in magazines. Some of it was “recycled” in the Tea Party-Occupy Wall Street agenda piece I wrote for The Weekly Standard.)

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(I wrote this to deliver at a conference on the problem of technology in Washington, D.C., which was scheduled for the inauspicious date of September 11, 2001. The conference of course never occurred, and I haven’t done anything with this since. Looking over it now, in 2012, I find I might put one or two things differently, but it still seems interesting, so here it is.)

“Vices of Democracy: Plato’s Analysis and Its Relevance to Contemporary America,” (c) 2001, 2012, Peter J. Hansen.
(I originally wrote this as a dissertation proposal, and there is a story behind it.  Although the proposal had the firm support of my dissertation committee, the Committee on Social Thought faculty took the very unusual step of rejecting it.  The proposal seemed to be a kind of Rorschach test.  While the politically conservative faculty members on my dissertation committee found it an interesting project, many liberal faculty members found it unscholarly and grandiose.  However, I later derived great satisfaction from the dissertation I actually wrote [see Philosophy section], so perhaps all’s well that ends well.)

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